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Mama Phina to start singing


There is something more to Sylvia Namutebi, aka Mama Fina than just being the leader of traditional healers in our Banana republic. Even when little glorification is expected in her direction, she enjoys overwhelming media coverage than so many political leaders. MPs like Stephen Dede (Bukooli South), Susan Amero (Amuria Woman MP), Fredrick Nkayi Kagoma, and minister Vincent Nyanzi do not enjoy a quarter of the publicity Mama Fina enjoys. For a lay man, Mama Fina’s African magic is behind her fame, but to critics, the chief traditional healer knows how to use her title – she is rich and generous and keeps the right company. Mama Fina is also daring; she made friends with gospel singer and pastor, Wilson Bugembe, and even went to his church where she donated millions of shillings. Mama Fina is friends with almost all musicians and she goes an extra mile and bankrolls them every time they have a concert or private functions, like weddings. However, we always thought she was up to something, and she proved us right last Friday. Mama Fina was one of the highlights at King Saha’s Gundezze concert held at Freedom City last Friday, and after donating Shs2m to Saha, the self-proclaimed traditional healer held the microphone and begged the singer to team up with others and pen a song for her. “I feel I have the talent, but I have been scared and I do not know how to write nice lyrics. But you guys are all my friends, please write a song and give me a verse, I shall start with that,” Mama Fina said as revellers cheered loudly. All the best in your music career Mama Fina.

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