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Chameleone offers Pallaso Shs50m for Twatoba concert


Chameleone’s Wale Wale Double Trouble concert held last Friday cannot be written about as one of his best! Not because he attacked the media, (he at least said the best about Daily Monitor), but because the attendance was nothing compared to his Valu Valu and Badilisha concerts, especially the beach renditions. The organisation was superb and Chameleone put up a great performance. Some people think holding shows on the same date as his former subordinate King Saha, affected the turn up at Wale Wale. But Chameleone made it clear that he had no issues with that. Chameleone has moved on. In fact, the East African top singer is thinking about turning into a promoter. Shortly after his concert, Chameleone sat with his younger crooning brother Pallaso and made him an offer of Shs 50m to organise his Twatoba concert. Pallaso had gone to consult his big brother on how to go about his debut concert that he plans to hold later this year. Chameleone instead shocked him when he made him an offer. “I couldn’t believe it. But he is my brother, he cannot let me down, I think he would be the best person to handle my event. I’m thinking about it, and soon I shall declare if we’ll be doing business with my brother and father,” Pallaso told us! Way to go Chameleone!

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