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King Saha defends his crown


Taking on the big boys: King Saha came into the limelight with his Mulirwana hit last year. He followed it up with Gundeze and he is holding a concert at Freedom City Mall in Najjanankumbi this evening, the same day the man who groomed him, Jose Chameleone launches his new album. He tells Emmy Omongin that he deserves respect because he is no longer “up coming.”

This is the first big concert in your musical career. How does it feel?
I feel good man. It is a sign that I am growing as an artiste and as a brand. It is not easy at all. I don’t have time to rest enough like always. I wake up at 10am, take breakfast then go for rehearsals. I rehearse for two hours nonstop then rest for a while; take lunch and relax, then rehearse again for another two hours. After that, I go to the gym and go home by 9pm. I don’t have time to club now.

What do you consider your biggest achievement since you pursued a solo career?
I would say organising a concert in a venue as big as Freedom City. Big companies have sponsored me. I am taking strides.

What has been your biggest challenge organising this concert?
Chameleon is trying to block my way. He is looking for a way of making people shun my concert to go for his. That’s really challenging but I am confident Allah will work this out in my favour.

Speaking of Chameleone, why did you leave his camp, Leone Island?
I just grew. I became a brand and a brand can’t co-exist under another brand. I had to move on with life. It is like a son leaving his father’s house. It doesn’t mean he has anything against his father. It means he thinks he can fend for himself. I have my own camp now called Kings Love.

So you don’t have any problem with him, right?
I have no problem with Chameleone but it seems he has a problem with me. I was the first to announce my launch, then he also went ahead and announced his on the same dates. Even if you are to go and cross-check on the dates of venue bookings, I was the first to make a booking at Freedom City before he booked his at Lugogo.

Bebe Cool recently took to social media and ruled out any sort of comparison between you and Chameleone. He feels it is not right to compare Jose Chameleone with you …
The problem with Bebe Cool is that he does not respect himself. One doesn’t have to be old in the game to be respected. First of all, he said I am Saha, he tried to kill my brand. I sell my brand as King Saha. Would he feel nice if I called him Cool on social media? Would he?
What hurt me most is refusing to compare Jose Chameleone with me, why not? They do not compare people according to the time they have spent but what have they done within the time they have been around? Why can’t they compare themselves to the likes of Paul Kafeero, Herman Basude or Elly Wamala, didn’t they find them in the industry? Why is it that they always consider themselves the “top four”? Bebe Cool should stop thinking he owns the music industry. It is not for his father. Let him respect good work. If he sees nothing good about my work, let him not talk about me. It is very bad for such an old man to disrespect young talent. (In what seemed to be a direct message) Bebe Cool we unlockinge ( loosely translated as “let Bebe Cool unlock himself”)
You mean he’s locked?
Yes. He’s locked in arrogance. I am no longer an upcoming artiste. Let him ask his sons if they don’t know me.

Do you think big artistes are not helping the young ones develop their careers and build their brands beyond just Uganda?
Chameleone helped me, Bobi Wine when he meets me, tells me “Webale kola blood” (thanks for working brother). It is only Bebe Cool who is just disrespectful. We all know he is a diehard fan of Chameleone.

As a young artiste, what do you think about the Copyright law….do you think it should be implemented to enable artistes earn more money from radio stations and purchases of albums or even singles by the fans?
I don’t follow the copyright law so much. I just do my thing. Our country is third world so I don’t think it will ever work here.

Tell us about your concert…
I am going to give it my all. I am going to change thrice. Let my fans expect the best of King Saha. Security will be tight. It is an enclosed venue so nothing like being scared of rain. There are enough seats and above all, quality live music. I will be supported by Bobi Wine, Pallaso, Sheebah, Irene Namatovu and David Lutalo among others.

What’s your message to your fans?
I am your Saha, I will never change. I don’t always quarrel but I was just provoked by Bebe Cool. Please come support me. Let’s make history together. May Allah protect our country.

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