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Hustler : Francis Kizza


Because he plays the sport, Kizza decided to buy a pool table to earn a living, and now he has two, and because he profits much, he is not about to stop. How much did you buy these pool tables? I first bought one at Shs2.5m and I used the profits I made from the first one to buy another. I hope to buy a third table when I make enough money. Couldn’t you get cheaper ones? I could, but these were brand new. Cheaper ones are second or third hand and they tear after a short time. Why did you decide to earn a living out of pool tables? Because I play pool table, I decided to earn a living from the only game I know how to play. I basically know everything about it. Where did you get the money you used to buy the tables? I used to save some money while I still campus, and it is what I used to buy the first pool table. How much do you earn from the tables in a day? I get Shs25,000. How much is a single game? I charge Shs500 per game. Do you work on the tables yourself? My girlfriend manages one table and an employee works on the other. So, how do you monitor them? I make sure I pass by daily to collect Shs25,000, and the balance is theirs. I do not care how much they make, so long as I get that money. So who pays for the fixing incase the tables are damaged? I pay for that. How have you benefited from the pool tables? I have a plot of land and I am looking forward to building a house. I also pay rent and I look after my family with profits from the tables. Where is your business located? Kisenyi. Why Kisenyi? It is a highly-populated place, with a lot of customers, especially mechanics. –

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