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Date with a celeb : Gospel’s Levixone

SINGING FOR THE LORD: Levixone is a 21-year-old gospel artiste who transformed from a gangstar to a believer and he says his mission in this world is to hook souls for Jesus. He met his fan Sharif Ricky.

What is your real name?
Sam Lucas Lubyogo.

Where did Levixone come from?
“Levi” comes from the book of Leviticus and “one” from the phrase “one time”, which is my signature.

How do you judge  gospel music?
Back then, gospel music wasn’t big, but today, thanks to artistes like us, we are nominated in non-gospel awards and we challenge the secular artistes. Gospel music brings along love from people around you. Through this music, I’m recognised by big artistes like Bebe Cool and others who love my music and help me share the stage with them.

Which church do you belong to?
Growing up in Lungujja Kosovo, a suburb in Kampala, I worship from Word of Life Community Church in Kosovo.

Can you switch from gospel to secular music?
Never. There is peace in gospel music and it’s the only way I can pass on my message to my fans. I can be versatile and do different styles like Reggae, ragga and Rn’B still as gospel music, so there would be no need for me to change.

What is your best song?
I have three so far. Jungle that talks about the hardships people all over the world face like terrorism, mudslides and so on, Shuga, a love song I did with Daisy Ejang and Samanya, a song that was inspired by my past.

How many songs do you have?
I have two albums. My first being Usinipite and the latest being Connection that has 18 songs selected out of 100.

How many awards do you have?
I have four so far. Best Gospel Artiste in the 2014 Rising Star Awards, Best Rn’B and Reggae song in Viga awards 2014 and best Rn’B artiste in the 2012 Olive Awards.

How did you become a gospel singer?
I grew up in a life outside gospel, I was a spoilt child who used to sell drugs. Drinking alcohol and smoking weed, stealing and beating people was the order of the day for us in the ghettos of Kosovo. People had given up on me but through friends like Tikitah, Crystal Fabulous and my late brother Mark Elvis, I was shown a way through gospel music and I remember at my first perfomance, I was tipped money I never imagined I could get. It was from then that I became a gospel artiste, recording my first single Nonya Omu.

How old are you?
I am turning 22 this year.

Didn’t you go to school?
My educational background isn’t something to be proud of. I was only able to study up to S4 at Grace High School Gayaza. I recently joined Esom school of music where I’m pursuing a music production course that I will finish next year.

Having grown up in the ghetto, it is thought you would live a luxurious life after becoming a household name in the gospel music fraternity. Why are you not living that dream life?
I have one weakness. I hate to see people suffering yet I can offer a helping hand somewhere. Why would I cruise an expensive car when my siblings lack school fees or lack what to eat at home? My dream is to see everyone happy.

After your Shuga song with Daisy, people said you two were dating. Is it true?
No. Daisy is a workmate and good friend. We are doing more tracks together. I’m seeing someone else.

What do you have in store for your fans?
I am planning to hold my annual Reggae Worship concert in September.

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