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Date with a celeb : Daisy Ejang opens up to her fans

Gospel star: Daisy Ejang has never seen her dad.
Her mum passed on when she was 15.  She meets her fans Fiona Katushabe and Rita Tuhaise and tells them why she does music that touches the soul.

Hi Daisy. How have you been?
I’m fine, sometimes bored and other times excited especially when I’m performing.

How do you best describe yourself?
I like calling myself a lioness because I’m a go getter. I don’t give up easily and I make sure I get what I want.

What else do you do apart from music?
I’m an ambassador at Agape Orphanage where we take care of homeless and orphaned children by providing them with scholastic materials, shelter, food, counselling and more.

Do you have children?
Yes I do, but not biological. The children of Agape Orphanage are like my own. Since I was also in the same situation, as a child I learnt how to take care of people.

Why are you into music?
It’s because of passion, lifestyle and it’s my career.

What is your type of music?
I call it urban contemporary gospel.

Who is Daisy off stage?
Simple, down to earth, crazy but quiet, chilled, and she likes staying home and cooking.

What is the best meal you can cook?
Chicken luwombo.

What is your relationship with fellow gospel singer Levixone?
Hahahaha. That is one question I have been asked in every interview, but to answer you, he’s a very good friend of mine and the first person I met while I was going to record my first song. Yes he’s cute, but our relationship ends at just friendship.

What countries have you visited because of music?
Nigeria, Namibia, South Africa, Kenya and many others.

Tell us more about your family background.
I’m the last born in a family of six. My mum passed on when I was 15 years old and I never knew who my father was, up to now. I don’t know my village but the only thing I heard was that my dad is Karamajong and my mum was a Langi.

How many songs do you have so far?
I have 10 audios and six videos so far. Those are already recorded tracks, but in my archives, I have more than 200 songs that are not yet out.
What is that one reason you decided to do music instead of anything else?
I knew music is the only way I could communicate with the masses. It’s the only tool I could use to deliver my message.

How old are you?
I’m 22 years old.

Did you go to a music school?
No, I didn’t do a course in music. I stopped studying in S6 because I didn’t have the finances, but I’m travelling to Canada to pursue a course in Radio and TV broadcasting mid next year. Why I decided to do this course is because it’s in line with my music career. My foster family encouraged me to do it and in no other place but Canada where they are.
What is your plan for making it to the top in your music  career?
Doing things the right way and not bubble gum music. I would like to make gospel music mainstream because people have kept attributing us to only Jesus yet we can also do it in secular circles.

Who is your best Ugandan artiste?
Bebe Cool because I believe he has that ability to be an international artiste. He’s on point. I like Levixone as well because he’s a talented and brilliant artiste.

Which celebrity would you date in Uganda?
Toniks. He’s cute, I love his height and he dances well.

Are you signed to any label?
I’m still in talks with a Kenyan company called Maliza Masikini, which means Eradicate Poverty. If all goes well, I might sign with them.

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