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Acute Angle

The acute angle : Why are you hating?

Can you randomly hate someone for no reason? I normally hear people blurt out how they just hate someone for no genuine reason and I simply don’t get it. True, some people are not exactly the most likable but why breed hate? Personally, I find hate so exhausting and pointless. The time and effort you delve into creating this negative vibe can be channeled into something more useful.
My friend Kevin says a neighbour of his has made it particularly difficult for him to stay at their apartment any longer. His neighbour finds any possible reason to knock at his door and complain. Kevin is horrified that he is about to start watching the news on his TV with his headphones plucked in. Mbu his TV makes a lot of noise. Such bollocks. Kevin is about to start hiding in his closet to brush his teeth in fear of inciting his neighbour with ‘noise’.
Right from the time he moved into the apartment, this neighbour from hell has refused to warm up to him. Its blasphemy for Kevin to park in his spot or attempt to draw closer to him in any way. Not to worry, Kevin is set to leave beginning of the month of June. He is puzzled at how a man can breed so much hate. Rumour has it that the neighbour could have even poisoned Kevin’s dog that died recently. The nerve of some Ugandans.
Recently, a famous African footballer plying his trade in England at Tottenham Hotspurs called Emmanuel Adebayor decided to vent his anger at his family on Facebook for trying everything humanly possible to demean his success. He is now insanely wealthy but this hasn’t deterred his family from conniving to see him fail.His mother and siblings are fellowshipping in shrines to see that their ‘golden boy’ gets what he deserves.
He has unselfishly tried to help each one of them advance in life by relentlessly creating opportunities for them but his efforts have been scoffed at each attempt. Isn’t it obvious that when one of us starts to hit the big time, we get closer to him? When one of my friends starts really advancing, I want to get drawn to them. I love the scent of success. It’s infectious. A person on the road of success is by default someone I would like to chill with but you find people hell-bent on failing you.
A lady will genuinely work her way to the top but you can trust people to say she slept her way there. I know some really tough ladies who are doing big things out there but haters will be on standby to concoct some story.
It’s funny how you are all friends when you have nothing but when one of you takes off, its turmoil. One will argue saying that’s life and one should deal with it but you can’t be there hating for no reason. It simply doesn’t add any sort of value to your life. Meanwhile, Kevin just texted me saying that his neighbour broke into his house to borrow a flat iron. Who in the hell breaks into a house to borrow a flat iron? Jeez!

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