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Connie Tiffs

Connie’s Tiffs : The weighty issue of women putting on a few pounds

“Is that you? OMG I wouldn’t have guessed it was you. Jeez how many kgs are you now?” went some babe to her long lost friend in a crowd. Bambi the other chick was evidently embarrassed as she tried to brave the question with a joke for an answer.
But some chicks can be real spoilers. I mean isn’t it rude enough that one has to brave the weight gain line in public that the other has to go on and yell it out to draw extra attention?
Whoever introduced this “skinny is sexy” mentality killed the world. It is funny how babes get all desperate to “keep in shape” like they call it, and end up losing all the curves that matter. To make it even worse, they laugh persistently at the curvy lot after their set goal of looking skinny has been achieved.
And then one wonders, at what point people will get to remain comfortable in their own skin? I know that chicks can love a series of compliments even when it’s a blatant lie but doesn’t it have a limit?
And then the lot that makes fun of everything that crosses their minds. Has it occurred to them that a slight weight gain or reduction may not matter much?
I do not know about you but I find it too local for one to walk around exclaiming at every called and un-called for situation.
So suddenly it’s as if normal to keep skinny and people run around yelling at everyone that has some weight and flesh on, Ugandans can be funny!
I just hope that the curvy babes can stand with their heads up high and remain comfy in their own skin because this syndrome mbu trend is oba how?
I also hope that the likes who feel like they have arrived under the local excitement of “weight loss” against odds will stop stressing the whole world like they just discovered the most expensive mineral!

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