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Connie Tiffs

Connie’s tiffs : Guys, cut Jackie and that model some slack

When local musician Jackie Chandiru got married recently, she was judged for saying “I DO” to the money. Not so long ago, the governor of Edo state in Nigeria, married Lara Fortes, a model from the Cape Verde Islands and the same amount of treatment was given to her. The public has gone on and on about her choice of husband. Insinuating the worst, calling her all sorts of names and in the long run insulting the poor groom as far as his looks are concerned.
Now when will the world stop judging the books by the cover? Why is everyone ready to cast such women to the cliché line of “she is with the ugly man for the money?”
Oh! How I hate the word “ugly”!
Has it occurred to anyone that it could actually be true love? Have we stopped for a second and divulged the fact that there could be more than what meets the eye? Or is it that we have not had examples of women getting married to a not-so-good looking-guy with little dimes?
I mean, Uganda’s ugliest man (FYI I still don’t get this accolade) , Godfrey Baguma, aka Sebaabi is certainly not your richest lad, but he is happily married to a woman proud of him and holds him in high regard. So should we assume that she is faking it too or is in it for the money?
Is it that the money in the first picture comes in as the spoiler for the judges or could it be a total case of sour-graping from the envious dudes hanging at the side and wishing for the impossible?
I think the world should stop being harsh to everyone who is trying to live their life. Has anyone heard of the adage, “beauty lies in the hands of the beholder”? So how about we let these beauties define what “handsome” means to them before we stress over the choices made?
Even “beauty” in the popular fairy tale; “beauty and the beast” met her happy ending and since none of us ever follows such cases to the end but stop at judging, then I suggest we let such people be. I mean, what ever happened to minding your own business, huh?

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