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The track : Simple girl – Lillian Mbabazi


If only one knew what air Radio and Weasel breathed, especially wical content, the producer, the instrumentals and lastly the comedy. Kirimanyi simply means someone powerful. Rumour has it that Lillian Mbabazi is having a hard time in her relationship with fellow musician Radio of the Goodlyf crew, over the several girls who claim to be having an affair with her man. But those are just rumours. What we know for sure, though, is she has a new track, Simple Girl. Lillian sings about challenges women endure, despite the challenges they go through. If the rumours are true, then this is a song to her consolation. In the chorus, which is the highlight of this song, she sings of this girl crying to the heavens, “Mukama Katonda mu guulu nyamba”. The whole track is simply a story of a girl who goes through different hardships. The first verse talks of a girl moving into the city and how she almost gives up but sticks hard to hustle to get her goals. It is surely a woman empowerment song. The instrumentals are classic with a fusion of African instruments like the tube fiddle. Lillian’s vocals do not disappoint, with the highs and lows, she maintains her vocal stability, which gets to the soul. If one is into music that speaks to the soul, this is one track that surely should get on your playlist.

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