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The track : Nasanga/ The best I know – Khalifa Aganaga

If you remember Ndabirawa, then you must know Khalifa Aganaga, the mind behind this jam. This guy has been working hard musically over the years and if you read last week’s sqoop, then you must know more about this guy and his journey. Well, last week he held his album launch, dubbed Nassanga Gudi Gudi gal, all titles of his album. The success or failure of the launch is none of our business, but rather the quality of his music. Nassanga, can assumably be seen as the heart of the album. It is a song dedicated to his lover whom he sings of as being the best for him. In the first verse he tells her to refute offers from other guys, assuring her how she only belongs to him. Throughout the following verses he sings sweet nothings to her. On this jam, Khalifa’s creativity and new approach is seen right from the tone of his voice to the choice of producer. He sings in a more coarse voice in the verses and on the chorus he turns to his normal self. The producer, Renix’s expertise at producing air wave capturing music is evident during the time he produced for Bebe cool. The tempo of the instrumental is moderate but gives listening pleasure. Even if the song does not command much audience with the rate this artiste is at, we hope to listen to better music in the coming years.

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