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The dvd : Girl next door


What is the one thing that you will always remember about high school? While most people have lots of things to write, Matthew (Emile Hirsch) struggles to fill this section in the year book and in the end leaves the space blank. He is a brilliant student who tops his class, he is also a geek and has never missed school. The compilation of his year book is what makes him realise that his life is as boring as his closest friends. Days later, he decides that it is not too late to be crazy, just like most of his classmates but fails to convince his friends to join on his adventure. At first, Matthew fails to get the hang of crazy lifestyle but when he eventually does, he goes extreme. He makes a twisted adult movie that sells like hot cake. A pretty girl Danielle (Elisha Cuthbert) with a fabulous body moves in next door and does a lot to help unleash the craziness inside him. But he learns that she is a porn star and his reaction pushes her back to her past. Many parts of this movie will remind you of your secondary school days, especially the last few. So again, which of these days will you never forget? Why?

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