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The DVD : Addicted


This is a semi – blue movie. If you are one that cannot bare watching more than a couple of erotic scenes, then this is definitely not your kind of movie. If you try to watch it, you will not last more than the opening scenes.
Zoe (Sharon Leal) has a husband (Boris Kodjoe) that women would love to have, even if all they can be to him is a side dish. Together, they have two adorable children. It looks like the ideal family.
Hubby makes the bulk of the money and Zoe’s business is blossoming. It looks like all her dreams came true but that doesn’t seem to be enough. She keeps on craving for something else and however much she tries to distract herself, the feeling just won’t go away. Zoe wants to have sex all the time. Who she does it with doesn’t matter, what does is that she does it. And it’s not like her sex life with her husband is bad. She has a condition, she is a sex addict. She goes to a counsellor, tries to explain this to her husband and fails.
Before she could try again, her husband finds out about one of the men in her life and leaves her for cheating on him. Her task is to explain that she is actually sick and not a cheat, but how does one explain that condition to someone?

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