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My concert cannot be cancelled, no matter what- Chameleone


Over the weekend, news of Police cancelling singer Jose Chameleone’s upcoming Wale Wale Double Trouble concert swept the city like a wild fire. When the news caught Chameleone’s ears, the singer says he remained calm as he sent out his team to establish the source of such damaging information.
Chameleone told us that it was until he had known the source of the rumour, that he went ahead and posted on his wall, “It’s a pity again to those who have drained their effort in trying to bring down and discredit the works of hardworking people. It’s time to put your negative energy at rest! I have been on top of this game for the last 15 years and that’s part of this celebration. So, Wale Wale Double Trouble can’t be cancelled even when you wish we could. ” read Chameleone’s post.
The singer later revealed to us the source of the rumour was a radio journalist. “I don’t know their intentions, but I want them to know they can never put a great man, with great music down,” Chameleone told us. The show is on May 1, at Lugogo Cricket Oval.
Chameleone bragged that his show is strictly for his fans; “If you are not one of them, here are some options: 1: Stay home and wait for your Artiste. 2: Go else where. 3: Do as you please!”
Chameleone made it clear that the Wale Wale Double Trouble concert is still on May 1 at the Lugogo Cricket Oval!

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