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Eddie Yawe in new wheels

If Bobi Wine’s elder brother and Afrigo Band member Eddie Yawe was a legislator, it would have been in order for his constituents to call for an investigation into the source of funds he used to purchase his new ride. Although Yawe didn’t make it to the August House during the 2011 elections, many legislators will envy the former Kampala Central MP aspirant for cruising in a better ride.
We bumped into Yawe in his new monster- a Landruiser V8 model 2007 at the Village Mall in Bugolobi over the weekend and he surely got heads turning. Yawe pimped his ride with very sharp snow lights, alloy wheels and a reflective blue light inside.
The Landruiser V8 2007 model is valued at about Shs 120m before taxes. Yawe dumped his Toyota Gloria for the state of the art ride. We are yet to ascertain if Yawe’s newest acquisition has anything to do with his political bid for the Kampala MP slot come next year. Congs Yawe!

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