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Chameleone rehearses with King Saha

Let’s just call it display of maturity. Singer Jose Chameleone shocked the Team No Sleep camp when he made an impromptu visit to Dejavu bar in Kansanga. And no, Chameleone was not revisiting the scene where his late brother AK47 allegedly had an accident that led to his death. He made the visit to bless his former crewmate King Saha’s upcoming Gundeze concert that is on the same date as his Wale Wale Double Trouble concert, come May 1.
Chameleone stormed Dejavu on Tuesday afternoon and he was filled with energy. He was ushered in by his former manager Sam Mukasa, who now manages Saha and he walked straight to King Saha and the two hugged. Chameleone told the band to play Gundeze, Saha’s concert title song and the two sang along together. By then, the crowd that was growing so fast on the fence of the hangout started cheering wildly as the two sang Wale Wale.
Chameleone hugged Saha again and told him he wished him the best for his show. “You are my son, you are my younger brother, I wish you well and I wish you the best at Freedom City,” Chameleone said, attracting wild cheers from Team No Sleep members and onlookers.
Chameleone drove towards Bunga where his offices are and where he is also doing rehearsals ahead of his Wale Wale Double trouble concert. The concert will be held at Kyadondo Rugby Grounds while King Saha will have his Gundeze concert at Freedom City on Entebbe Road, on the same day.

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