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Billy Ocean’s source of stage inspiration

We have heard different stories about where different artistes draw their inspiration in order to put up a good show. Some, like self-styled Ghetto President, Bobi Wine, have been linked to weed. Others have to imbibe certain amounts of alcohol to be able to put up a good show.
For Billy Ocean, it is a cup of coffee and reading scriptures. Yes, the legendary singer kept sipping on a cup of coffee all through his performance at Serena last Thursday. However, when we got closer backstage, we realised that there was more to the coffee the old man kept sipping as Billy had an open Bible in the same place he kept his coffee and the towels he used to  wipe his sweat. Billy took off some time and read the holy book before he stepped on stage and also took off time to read a verse every time he took a break during his performance.
Billy was seen perusing through his Bible even after his performance. Now we know what has kept him going for decades.

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