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Jon Navaz L’chan: He has been gd man.

Okwii Joel: I liked da accent.

Erik Kademe: He was funny.

Wanan Dan: He inspired me and had a good accent. R.I.P.

Charlie Trixie: I appreciate his long term commitment and service to the media in Uganda. Rest in peace Baale..

Gwari Thompson: I can’t forget the voice, both radio and TV.

Nyesiga Owen A-Pass: I liked his accent and dress code.

Laureen Laree Bakhita Gwen: I can’t forget his vocabulary.

Madxavi Sulah Acre: He waz a dwn 2 earth man.

Jargon Mercy: R.I.P may ur soul rest in peace.

Halima Kasozi: I liked the way he talked.

Solomon Repblic: His vocal ability.

Jack Joe: We gonna miss de way he talked, R.I.P.

Mukasa Moses: He was talented.

Kizza Swaibu: Let him rest in peace.

Samantha Harriet: I’m gonna miss his funny words.

Samz Mbowa:  His vocals.

Muwanika Gerald Gero Geralds: I’m gonna miss him reading the news headlines.

CK Chondos Chodokori Herbert: He was most loved R.I.P

Nalubega Ester: It was his turn, RIP.

Charlie Trixie: I felt sad to hear the news, may his soul rest in perfect peace.

Laureen Laree Bakhita Gwen: I will seriously miss him. RIP role model.

Akky Jannet: So sad RIP.

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