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Hustler : Shamim Ssebagala

Having inherited some money from her deceased parents, Shamim decided to invest it in a boutique and two years later, she’s making a living off it.

What’s your business called?
I call it Shamy’s In Style because I style different people. When you come to my shop, be sure to leave when you are styled up.

What were you doing before you started this business?
I was at campus before I started it.

This business was started on money that you inherited from your parents. How much did you invest in it?
I invested Shs10m and it was used to import clothes.

How much do you sell your items?
First and foremost I deal in only ladies’ stuff like shoes and they range from Shs35,000 (pumps) and Shs40,000 (sandals), dresses cost between Shs50,000 to Shs80,000. Bags are in two categories; ordinary that cost Shs100,000 and purses which cost Shs50,000. Skirts cost Shs40,000, trousers cost 50,000, tops go for Shs20,000 and jewellery ranges between Shs10,000 and Shs30,000.

I hear gents stuff is more profitable. Why did you concentrate on only ladies clothing?
Because I’m a lady, I wanted to get involved in something that reflects with me. I wanted to get involved in a business where I sell things that I can also put on.

Where do you buy these clothes from?
I buy them from Malaysia, Turkey, Hong Kong and China. I fly out at least once every three months.

Is it cost effective for you to be flying in and out of the country. Why don’t you get contacts to send you the items?
It is worth it because I get to choose the type and classes of clothes my customers would like. If anything would look nice on me, I would pick it for my clients and they would pay so well at the end of the day.

Can you please tell us the location of this boutique?
Prime Complex, Ground Floor, shop number B11.

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