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The acute angle : Power in giving back

Recently, I have been feeling extraordinary. Extraordinary in the sense that some friends and I had the power to put a smile on many disadvantaged people at Missionaries Of The Poor in Busega recently. Many a time, we have heard people obsess about changing the world and leaving a legacy that will impact generations, but when you ask them if they have ever lent a hand to the poor, they all look clueless.

It’s a priceless feeling to give a person who feels that their time is up, a ray of hope. It’s even more priceless to show them that they are not alone and that they could grow up to realise their dreams. You don’t even have to be rich to change someone’s life. I was taken aback at how spending just a few hours with these people would touch their hearts entirely.
When my friend Charlie told me about this Charity drive they were doing at this home of the disadvantaged, I didn’t think twice. I have always wanted to reach out to the less-privileged and not for self gratification but to impact a life positively. As much as I wanted to carry all these basic necessities like food and soap and give to these people, I wanted to look some of them in their faces and tell them that all hope is not lost and all their dreams could still come true.
At Missionaries Of The Poor, we found the physically handicapped, mentally ill, the poorest of the poor that had been abandoned and the elderly. It wasn’t hard to see their plight as you can plainly see people struggle to make it through the day, but when we showed up to spend time with them, the toothless beamed with smiles and the children didn’t want us to leave. They all seemed reborn. I could never exchange that moment for anything.
Many of us grumble about life when things don’t seem to be going as planned and I understand. Sometimes you can do self reflection and you think your life can’t get anymore worthless and I can comfortably assure you that you are wrong. We take life for granted sometimes. Mbu because you can’t afford fuel for your car then you start being depressed and cursing God for being unfair to you. I saw children who could barely breathe, walk or do anything able-bodied people do. It was all painful to see.
Our fortunes are different and that’s why everything you have from life, career, family, to wealth should be thanked for. We all want to make and amass all these things in life but we forget to thank God for what we have even if it’s small. However small, have the courtesy to share it with who you feel would have his life turned around by the priceless deed of giving. From today onwards, I have dedicated my life to giving. Thank you to the Ugz Finest for the invite. Bless!


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