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The acute angle : Age vs maturity

A single man who is slightly over 30 with a relatively high paying job and seemingly comfortable, will face some of the biggest challenges you can ever imagine. He will most probably have his mother and society breathing down his neck to find a wife. Most times, such men will bow to the pressure of family to settle down with someone if not anyone.
There is a belief that a man at 30 is mature enough to make the big decisions, marriage being one. At that age, his mind should be fixated on things like starting a family, buying land somewhere in Najjera to eventually build the family house and also focus more on building his career.
Basically, age is the benchmark for achieving many things and that’s why a woman who is still unmarried at 30 will encounter a lot of jeers and scorn from the public. The fear of the wrath of society will get her in a desperate search of a husband that she will look for love in the wrong places. Whether she wants to get married or not is something no one wants to listen to. All people want to know is that she is ‘mature’ enough to play someone’s wife.Period.
When the Desire Luzindas of this world chop their age in half, all you can do is sympathise with them. The pressure is hot on their heels. Personally, I believe maturity is about mindset and willpower. If your mind is structured in a way that it can make resonated independent decisions, then you are mature enough. If you are the type that defied your parents who wanted you to do a law course at university by going for an Art and Design course because it what’s your heart has always beaten for, you are mature. It’s not because you were rebellious that you are considered mature, it’s because you had the guts to stand for what you believe in that makes you mature.
Someone who is mature should be able to marry for the right reasons and not because the biological clock is ticking. Maturity could knock at your door early or unfortunately it could wait a little longer and that’s why you have children acting like adults and adults acting like toddlers. It’s a strange world I tell you.
Maturity can be forced onto you sometimes. A man’s maturity will be gauged on how he can react in times of need and problems. The willpower to find a solution in the tightest of situations is what should be used to weigh the maturity of a man. An orphaned teenager who can sacrifice life’s goodies to look after his younger siblings is what you could call mature but not necessarily because one bought land in Gayaza.The guy buying land could have done it on impulse or societal pressures. The little boy relies on gut, the use of his brain to better his life and that of others. Get my point? Nice weekend guys.

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