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Connie Tiffs

Connie’s tiffs : Sulking over a Shs300,000 ticket

So yesterday, music lovers or should I say Kampala’s party animals took a trip down memory lane when British international artist Billy Ocean hit the stage at the Kampala Serena Hotel.
Now, I am already painting a picture of an audience that has a couple of real Billy Ocean fans and an even bigger number of “lost sheep” there to warm seats all in the name of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). Oh! Ugandans. This sort can hardly hum to the tune of Caribbean Queen, but they were there, never mind the bleak looks on their faces.
Anyways, oba I have no problem with all the above? My main issue though is with the irritants, who sulk over every small and big thing.
I mean, the sort that has probably spent the previous couple of weeks sulking about the concert in detail. At one point they are questioning whether it is worth spending Shs300,000 or Shs6m on tickets for a 90 minutes performance and the next they are drawing up a time table of who, when and how to stalk everyone in order to make it to the show, against all odds.
Now, it is such people who whine over things as petty as spending Shs300,000 on a ticket to a concert, that make all these wannabe loaded chaps seem like they have conquered all by just showing up at these dos or spending petty money and making it seem like they have sorted the world out.
And then you wonder, what is so hard about accepting reality especially if a situation is above one’s means? Why seek avenues to sour grapes by painting everything and anyone around red?  From the organisers to the artiste and anything else affiliated to the do? Isn’t this a clear case of running insane?
I think there is a reason as to why certain things are priced the way they are. In simple terms, there is a target audience for most activities, events as deemed necessary. And I am sorry to add that if you ever think of attending/doing something and realise that you are battling with a whole lot of questions, then wake up and smell the coffee. Chances are there are a little too many strings than required to pull it off.
My advice to the forever sulking lot that bogs down every one’s mood because they cannot afford certain things is; they could either start saving early to meet all these costs or choose other options that suit their means, in this case, sit at a kafunda, anywhere and play any of his tracks while the rest of the world moves on.

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