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Connie’s tiffs : Oyo posture: Take a chill pill


So the Omukama of Toro greeted the Katiikiro of Buganda while seated cross-legged without eye-contact and suddenly everyone has a thing or two to say about this whole situation? If only some of them could put their efforts in more constructive things, then it would make sense, oba?
I mean if you think about it, how confused as a nation can we be that such a petty thing can stir up more debate than the death of many Ugandans thanks to the poor state of our health facilities? Where do our priorities lie if the lack of courtesy from one kingdom to another can cause more ruckus than the poor education rendered in most primary schools? Now let’s not forget the high level of unemployment and all the many disturbing conditions eating up this country, huh?
Isn’t it shocking that in this whole mix, one can easily pick keen interest in such a case and give all sorts of opinions even when it does not make sense at all and further take a few minutes off their work desks to invent and indulge in the so-called “challenges” that have since lost meaning? I think it’s about time Ugandans got a little serious. Whether the Omukama of Toro was disrespectful, poorly raised or not, that’s none of our business, especially when we cannot do much to change his behaviour, except to talk, talk and talk!
So how about we left that to the concerned parties and concentrated more on areas where we can make a difference? Wouldn’t that be a more impactful avenue as opposed to making noise on a daily over everything that does not make so much sense?


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