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The track : Kirimanyi – Radio and weasel

If only one knew what air Radio and Weasel breathed in, especially when making music, then it’s the perfect prescription for making not only pleasuring  but also meaningful music. When one listens to Kirimanyi,  then they would certainly agree with me. Everything about this song is captivating right from the lyrical content, the producer, the instrumentals and lastly the comedy. Kirimanyi simply means with someone powerful.
Just like it’s written in the Bible that respect for parents has a blessing, this song is a dedication to parents. Produced by Paddyman, one of the most gifted producers in Uganda, the sound quality and sync of the vocals with the beat doesn’t go wrong in any way. If one noticed, on this duo’s latest album, most of the music has zouk instrumentals, which they maintained on this track.
Radio starts this song with very emotional lyrics thanking his parents for their support and standing by him even in hard times to his victory. Then he adorns the chorus with a high pitch where he is answered by Weasel in a rather deep and coarse voice, making the chorus more like a dialogue. The comedy in the song comes in at its climax where Weasel asks for kush (weed). Besides that mishap, this song is a flawlessly beautiful track.

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