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The track : Kigozi/Iko Hivi – Navio

Hip pop is a genre that not only needs an artiste to be patient but also, to maximise their time once noticed. In Uganda, we have few consistent rappers; and one of them is Navio. Every year, music lovers expect something good from him. His latest project is Kigozi, which is actually his name. He also calls the song Iko Hivi, which means “It’s like this”. Well, this song is all about Navio. He comes out of hibernation to give us this song, which kicks off with the chorus in a mixture of Luganda and Kiswahili. This song is meant to capture East Aftrica. From the title, one can realise he is getting a new definition for himself.
On the chorus, he thanks his fans for making him who he is and all he prays for is more support. In the first verse, just like any hip hop artiste, he brags about killing other rappers’ albums with just lines in a song. In the second verse, he lays claim to being in charge of the East African turf, welcoming big labels willling to sign him, though he first needs to see the cheque.
The highlight of the jam is when Navio switches instrumentals in the third verse, giving listeners a new feel … its more like a bridge to the next song on his album. However on this track, he keeps everything average right from the instrumentals to his vocal output and lyrics, though hip hop lovers expect more from him.

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