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The track : Bakuwe Kyonywa – Nutty Neithan

The beauty of being in the Ugandan music industry is that the catch phrases that always pop up can earn a smart artiste a top charting song . Of late Bakuwe Kyonywa is one of these phrases. No matter the situation, perplexed, sick, sad or happy, “bakuwe kyonywa” which simply means “get a drink on me” is a fitting expression.
Promising dancehall artiste Nutty Neithan pounced on this phrase and penned lyrics, forming this club banger.
Once one listens to the song, they can easily pick the story line. Nutty Neithan sings about going to a club and he spots a girl chilling without a drink. In the first verse he tells the girl how she mesmiresed him and in the chorus he tells her to order for anything on condition that she parties. The comical thing is, if one listens closer, he limits her to a drink in a bottle and one wonders whether it’s a beer or vodka.
Throughout the song, he just speaks to party people to cheer up wherever they are, with a drink. Bar owners must often play this song at their bars.
Speaking on his vocal output and instrumentals, Nutty did a good job as he switched tones but still kept in touch with the instrumental, giving this song not only dancing but also listening pleasure. However, with all the talent Nutty Neithan has, he should become a trend starter and create his own catch phrase and watch his music grow, because once Uganda is tired of the Bakuwe Kyonywa phrase, then there will be no air play for this song.

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