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Sqoop – Get Uganda entertainment news, celebrity gossip, videos and photosSqoop – Get Uganda entertainment news, celebrity gossip, videos and photos

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The music video : Mpulunguse – Diana Nalubega


Something about Diana Nalubega. If that girl gets a great manager, she should be among the top Ugandan female artistes in no time. Her newest song; Mpulunguse gives her a star factor. She pulls me into her video and when you get a musician who can inject part of her enthusiasm into a viewer, then that musician deserves all praises. She’s hypnotic in her video. Not that she’s beautiful or sexually alluring, no, she simply knows how to draw her viewers.
Diana Nalubega makes the most of the direct shots. And as one of her earrings say, she portrays a diva in this video. She takes the full responsibility for spicing up her video with gusto. The gap in her teeth comes on as cherry on top.
Something about the dances in this video, they’re cut straight to the chorus. This is very indicative of the syncing that’s done between the audio and the video. The storyline in itself is not one that’s very direct, but this video proves with such a storyline that less is more. That you can work up something simple, and with ingenuity, create gold out of simplicity. The dances are choreographed in a sense that would make a viewer to potentially follow through them, and pull them off from their own living room.
Does the video get the location right? Yes, there’s a match between these macho men and the mechanical workshop, with all the machinery in the background, and the motors on the floor. It creates a visual mélange of character meeting with location, and bringing out the actual message of Mpulunguse.
My worries with this video are to do with a few things. Things such as one of her weaves that is shabby. Then the dim lighting that blurs out beginning moments of the video.

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