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The dvd : The Grand Budapest Hotel

If you have watched The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, this title and movie will remind you of it. The two movies are similar in a couple of ways but I must warn you that this doesn’t mean if you enjoyed the other, you will enjoy this one as well. The Grand Budapest Hotel is interesting, it is dramatic, humorous and has a good storyline. The only issue with it is that you need to be pretty attentive to follow and enjoy. It is also a story within a story with a flashback from the old days, which can make for a pretty boring preview. If you can be attentive for a couple of minutes, then go ahead and watch the adventures of Gustave H (Ralph Fiennes) a hotel manager who finds a genuine friend in Zero (Tony Revolori), a lobby boy. The two lead such an interesting life. They make for a good watch.
It is not the kind that you might find showing in the local cinemas but in 2014, this film led the Bafta nominations, with 11 nominations, more than any other film. The film won the Golden Globe Award for Best Motion Picture. It also won the Academy Awards for Best Production Design, Best Original Score, Best Costume Design and Best Makeup and Hairstyling. I’m not usually in agreement with the winners of many film awards but with this movie, I was in agreement.

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