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Nessim dreams of producing for Jay-Z

AMBITIOUS: At just 21, Nessim is perhaps the youngest producer of repute in Uganda, but he has proved that age has nothing to do with good work, with the countless hits he has churned out. He meets one of his ardent fans, Grace at his workplace, Badi Studio.

When did you start producing music?
I began serious production in 2013 after joining Badi Entertainment, but previously, I had been learning, especially at Fire Records with Tony Houls as my tutor.

Didn’t your family try to stop you from taking this path in life?
Not at all, my dad was an artiste and a guitarist while my mum was in the church choir, so we have a musical background in our lineage.

Doesn’t your religion forbid music?
I am Muslim, and Islam has no problem with music. In fact there is music (Amataali) in the Islamic religion and besides the Holy Koran allows us to work for a better life so long as booze, pork and stealing are out of that line of duty.

Which Ugandan producer would you love to work with if there is a particular song that needs two heads?
Every notable producer in Uganda is my friend and I ask for their help in case of anything. I have worked with most of them at one point.

Besides Badi Studios, can you work for any other studio incase a chance comes by?
In this job, it’s not about the studio or record label. It’s about the delivery. I can work with anyone.

Are you dating?
Not at the moment. I will start dating when I meet the woman of my life. I’m still searching for her though.

What does the future hold for Nessim?
The future is in God’s hands but I would like to go international. I want to make artistes like P-Square and Jay-Z, yearn for my work and then after I’ve achieved that, I would like to pass on the skill by mentoring other young producers.
What is the first thing you do when you wake up?
I listen to music on my phone. I always want to get creative before I think of something else to do during the day.

What is your best programme on TV?
I don’t watch TV, so I basically don’t know what programmes are shown. I Don’t have the time for TV.

How do you spend your free time?
Listening to music and checking out funny video clips on my whatsapp.

What is the first thing on your mind when you receive your salary?
I plan ahead so all the money that comes already has something to do. I allocate the money accordingly.

Tell me about yourself?
My name is Nessim Isma Mukkuza, born 21 years ago to Mr Suleiman Njuba and Ms Resty Nalukwago. I’m the main producer at Badi Studios and a humble guy.

How long does it take for you to complete  a song?
I can do a song that is fully composed with beats, instruments and mastered in under an hour.

What songs have you produced since 2013?
I have done quite a number of projects including Tulikubigele, Am Loving and other songs by A-Pass since he started out. I have also done Radio and Weasel’s Ntunga, and their Maze Okwetegeleza collabo with Maro. Others are, Broken English by Gravity, You know by Rabadaba alongside Lydia Jazmine and Everywhere I Go by Bebe Cool among others.

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