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Hustler : Cissy Nansera


She loves to see people look good, so she started a make-up business

What do you do?
I’m a makeup artiste and my company is called Goddess Makeup. I started it last year.

Why did you decide to do make-up?
I love seeing everyone and everything look their best. Every time I’m with my friends, I always correct their eyebrows or add a layer of mascara on their eyes or even clean up the extra lipstick that’s beyond the lip line. I just can’t help it.

How did you know this was the perfect job for you?
Growing up, my mother’s dressing mirror was my favourite place in the house. I would spend hours trying to figure out all her make-up products. She had lots of them and was a professional hair dresser. Guess it’s true an apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

How much do you charge to get someone made up?
The rates depend on what kind of make-up the artiste or individual wants and for how long the make-up services are required. For my rate card, please

What products do you usually use?
I use a lot of products including Mac, Sleek, Marykay, Maybelline and Black Opal among others. When buying makeup, the most expensive products are not usually the best at doing the job. I always tell people to buy a product that is fairly priced and globally recognized. You also have to keep in mind the purpose you need it for.

Then how do you determine someone’s skin texture and the products to use on him or her?
Normal skin is characterised by balanced moisture and oil. Dry skin doesn’t have moisture, therefore causes wrinkles but is totally curable when the right measures are taken. Sensitive skin is very fragile.

How qualified are you to do this kind of work?
I have all the qualities of a good make-up artiste, which include having a professional kit, skin care, customer care, I am a good listener, punctual, reliable and creative.

Which prominent people have you worked on?
Keko, Pallaso, Swahili Nation, Bobi Wine and Atlas, among others.

How long does it take to do make up?
It depends on the type of make-up a client wants but usually, it takes between 10 to 30 minutes.
What are the types of make-up you have done?
Halloween, office, gothic, traditional and basic make-up.

What is the biggest number of people you’ve worked on?
I worked on 20 girls and managed to make everyone look their best during a certain beauty pageant but usually, I have an assistant who helps me out in case the number exceeds 10.


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