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Hajji Moses Kigongo parties with Farida Nakazibwe

We always look forward to watching the ‘serious’ leaders and senior citizens loosen up! Forget the little movements they display during high end events. But have you ever imagined a man as senior as highly regarded as NRM deputy Chairman Hajji Moses Kigongo, on the dance floor in a nightclub! You don’t have to imagine anymore, we witnessed it first hand and as usual, we shall do our job of breaking it down for you without mincing words.

Last Friday Hajji Kigongo hit Club Guvnor with his new catch NTV news anchor Farida Nakazibwe. And as if to certify rumours that have been making rounds, Hajji Kigongo traversed the fully packed Guvnor while holding Farida’s hand as tight as he could.

Clad in faded blue jeans and flowery white and blue shirt, Hajji Kigongo and Farida went straight to the 40 plus section, where a VVIP section at the extreme end had been reserved for just the two of them. But like is the norm with many young girls, Farida had a female friend that accompanied them.

The two sat close to each other and painted the club with affection as they kept whispering to each other and laughed. The couple also danced! And not to the old songs, but Hajji Kigongo proved his stamina is still intact as he boogied to all sorts of songs, ranging from Dvido’s No.1, Chameleone’s Wale Wale, Eddy Kenzo’s Sitya Loss , Konshens Worry We Not and Busy Signal’s Bedroom Bully! Hajji Kigongo seemed to enjoy himself all the way, and Farida seemed to enjoy twice as much as her new love.

The two exited the club at close to 3am holding hands and with beaming smiles.

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