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Fashion tip : With Gloria Haguma

The collar dress: Spice up your wardrobe

If you feel like your dress options are getting limited or rather very boring, then I suggest you try out the collar dress.

This fashion forward piece is perfect for someone that doesn’t want to go big on the accessories, but still wants to stand out.

The beauty about this dress is that you can wear it literally anywhere. The trick is in choosing the right fabric for your dress. For instance, a sheer detailed collar dress can be perfect for the red carpet. A polka dot knee length collar dress on the other hand is ideal for a Wednesday work look. Alternatively, a collar dress in a warm colour like powder pink can be perfect for an outdoor activity like a baby shower.

Since the collar is meant to be an accessory of its own, it is wise to keep the rest of the items in the look minimal.

Play around with box clutches, or your makeup. For instance, a bright red lip could help pop this kind of look, especially if the dress is in a dull shade.

Alternatively, work the magic with your foot wear. Strappy sandals, cute little ankle booties, or maybe gladiator sandals may be a good choice.

The cut of the dress should vary depending on your body shape. The body hugging dress will work well for the curvy girl, while the shift dress can be a good way to show off your endless pair of legs.

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