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Face Studio upgrades to TV channel

A few years back, a group of Ugandans returned from the United Kingdom to settle back home. The group whose names still remain a mystery, started up a photo studio and called it Face Studio. Everything about the studio was different; for starters, their home in Bugolobi was quite a high end neighbourhood for just photography. The studio did a free photo shoot for a few select celebrities. But the quality, of cameras and other equipment at Face Studio got most people that appreciate quality talking.

Over two years later, we received news that Face Studio is upgrading with a TV channel. The new Face TV channel was launched on Monday. The channel, and please note, it’s just a channel, not a station, will be showing on channel 102 on Star Times.

Experts told us that TV channels are going to be very common after the digital migration whose deadline commences this June.

The Face TV boss, Isaac Luwero told us that the channel is going to focus on Ugandan music; “the channel is dedicated to promoting Ugandan music. We are going to play strictly Ugandan music with no breaks nor presenters for the moment,” Mr Luwero told us.

Luwero however refused to disclose how much it had cost them to start up the channel on Star TV!

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