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Date with a celeb: Sharing Ssubi’s Trace star light

Sandra Ssubi and Etho dance to one of the songs that made her a star performer. To  make Ssubi Africa’s Airtel Trace star winner, Ugandans will have to vote through Sms. Type Sandra and send to 162. PHOTO BY ISAAC SSEJJOMBWE

chilling with a fan. Sandra is the proud winner of Shs100m and will be representing Uganda in the Trace Music Star Africa, along with other contestants from other countries. If she wins tomorrow, she will sign a recording deal with Akon. She explains this and more with her fan Etho.

Hi Sandra. How was the Airtel music star experience for you?

It was very good, challenging and exciting. I got to meet different people who have contributed to my personality now. It was an experience that stretched me to a better person.
How did you feel being among the top three finalists and beating celebrities like Toniks and Dan Flavor?
I was humbled because they are very talented people who were willing to work with us the unknown, share their stories and it kind of motivated me to work hard.
How did it change your life winning the competition?
First and foremost I’m 100 million shillings richer, I’m going to sing on an international stage, I’m the only Uganda’s flag bearer, and I’m going to win the competition and meet Akon.

What three things would you do if you win?
Oh My God. Let me see.. I would release some amazing music, of course get mentorship from Akon and I would teach and inspire young talent.

Please tell me more about you?
Sandra is a Christian, passionate about everything she does, loves to sing, talkative, a good dancer and loves sharing. I graduated with a Bachelor in Industrial Art at Makerere University; I’m an eco-artist who recycles trash into things that can be reused.

Before the Trace star competition, who was Sandra Suubi?
I was an underground artiste in a girl group called XABU. I used to participate in almost all singing competitions, performing at weddings before my chance struck.

Who is your best Ugandan artiste?
I don’t have the best artiste but I have particular songs I love. Sitya loss, Woman and Beauty by Sanyu are my best songs currently.

What will happen if you come top Africa?
Hmm that’s a tricky one. I would make an impact on Ugandan music so that it breaks boundaries in a relevant way so that everyone benefits out of it.

What is the difference between Sandra the celebrity you’ve become and Sandra the normal person?
Nothing really. I’m still the same person except that my bank account is heavier, have an opportunity to speak and people listen to me, I’m recognised but the character hasn’t changed at all.

What drives you?
The need and want to share.

What are the things you won’t forget in the airtel music star competition?
Very talented and good singers, nice band and awesome presentation.

What would be the first thing you will tell Akon in case you meet him?
“I’m ready and we are going to do amazing things together and maybe tell me your story.”

How can we vote for you?
Please vote for me by going to airtel sms, type the name Sandra then send to 162 as many times as you can. There is no limit even if you use the same number over and over again. Remember voting ends next Wednesday.


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