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Sqoop – Get Uganda entertainment news, celebrity gossip, videos and photosSqoop – Get Uganda entertainment news, celebrity gossip, videos and photos

Acute Angle

The acute angle : The thing about the male ego

Take away a man’s ego and you have literally killed him. Ladies, if you know that your man doesn’t boast the best legs in the region and you see him walk out of the house in a pair of shorts to go catch a soccer game with the boys, take a deep breath before letting him know how he looks dashing in shorts and send him have on his way.

Seeing your hubby in shorts might be the worst thing you’ll ever see but you have no idea how a single statement of approval could make his ego soar beyond anything you’ve ever imagined.

We guys like to feel elevated, in control of things and that our shoulders are above the rest. That’s our ego right there and no guy will sit around and look at anyone trying to belittle them in any way. The male ego is like this bubble that needs to be stroked with care or it could burst and cause trouble.

People, especially the ladies, always wonder why men are so self absorbed and stuck in their egos and the answer is simple……We were born this way!!!!!!We were taught to walk with our heads high and told never to take no for an answer. If you are this hot chic and I happen to fancy you, no amount of “Nos” from will deter me from going after you.

Guys live for the thrill of knowing they have conquered something. It gives them an ego boost and bragging rights which normally doesn’t go down well with many people. A man who is on the right path of success with his career going well for him and life generally looking bright will strike a look of confidence and he will genuinely look like he has the world at his feet. Other people will jealously call him full of himself or proud yet he is just feeding his ego.

Success feeds the ego of most men.When a guy starts hitting those big deals; he will walk along Kampala Road with an aura of confidence. Others will walk with their chests and bellies out as if they run Kampala and these will be experiencing an ego spill-over.

Most Ladies hate the male ego and everything it represents and I understand. They believe a man with a huge ego is such a nuisance. That might be quite true because it can be really annoying when some guys’ egos get to their heads. Dude buys a Range Rover and thinks he can step on anyone’s head. He doesn’t want to listen to advice and thinks the world revolves around him.
A man with an ego is very normal but one whose ego is inflated and not managed can seem quite unbearable. Funny thing is that people with inflated egos can have their bubble burst in a simple way. Now this chic told this guy, “You walk around bragging with your money yet all your ex-girlfriends say that you are small”…….Ehhh. Nice weekend guys.


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