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Fashion tip : Thigh high boots: A sassy way to cover up your legs


Did you know you could pull off sultry with your foot wear? If not, then allow me introduce you to the thigh high boots.

These boots are a must have, especially if you are the kind that loves an all round shoe collection. They are perfect to match your little dresses especially if you intend to cover up your legs.

You could also match them on your top and tight looks. However, ensure that the tights are not leather, or latex, as this can be really uncomfortable if matched with thigh high boots.
If you are the dare devil kind of girl, then you could possibly wear these boots with a maxI, or maybe the split shirts.

For comfort purposes however, it would be wise to keep the item on the bottom short, or away from the boots. In this case, you could opt for items like a skIrt, shorts, or a little dress.

These shoes are available in lots of different shades, and detail, so there is definitely a wide range to choose from. The lacy ones are however, bound to be more comfortable.

Points of purchase in Kampala will range from major shopping points like Garden City, Equatorial Shopping Centre and Pioneer Mall, among others.

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