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Connie Tiffs

Connie’s Tiffs : Living beyond means

Imagine this; you are driving through Kampala, and right ahead, you spot a lady screaming out in anguish after a bunch of thugs have snatched her phone while she was using it. Then a couple of days later, you spot another lady (in some heavy traffic on Kampala Road) in the same state after a thug has snatched her bag from the passenger window.
Please note that both rides in the picture are nowhere in the common range of a Toyota Spacio, Vitz, Raum, you know those tu little vehicles, huh? We are talking about a Range Rover Sport and Touareg, respectively. Now, while I sympathise with the babes in both situations, I cannot help but wonder what a lady would be doing, sitting in such an expensive ride with her windows down, given that theft cases are on the increase in Kampala.
Isn’t this the sort that whines and goes on and on about how they can never drive their cars with the air condition on because it consumes fuel? And they further add all sorts of other reasons like it’s not healthy keeping the windows up while driving. But come to think of it, what is it that makes babes (mainly) believe that when the A/C is on, the car consumes more fuel than it should?  Okay, supposing it does, what then is the purpose of having a ride if you cannot fully utilise some of these services to keep out of danger? My thinking is that, exercising a little vigilance in the name of keeping your windows up and locking up as one maneuvers through such a city where theft cases keep increasing can save the day, in most cases.
But trust most of these Kampala chicks to set standards high and fail to maintain them only for them to suffer dearly in the long run, like the two above. But that is not all in this class, as we have seen a couple of others owning poodles and mbu walking with them to wherever including the shopping malls, dressed to suit the perfect picture from the movies. I had the chance to bump into one of them the other day and I flattered her look while asking what she fed this dog on to which she quickly responded that she buys dog food. Now you can imagine my shock after I found her feeding this little animal on some left overs from her take away!
So what is the whole point of trying so hard to exist in a certain zone that does not match one’s reality? I think it is about time that people realised that no matter how hard they try, they cannot run away from reality.
For example, owning an expensive asset and failing to attach due value will speak volumes about the kind of person they are. Why make life complicated by living beyond the means?

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