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The track : Sweetest Taboo – Aziz Azion

At the beginning of the year, some music critics and fans came up with a topic of which artiste they hoped to make a comeback this year. Among the mentioned was Aziz Azion. One should not doubt the thought, owing to the fact that back in the day, between 2009 and 2012, he was one of the biggest Rn’B acts Uganda had.
He kicked off this year with a track titled Sweetest Taboo. The title of the song reminds one of Sade, an English band, which had a track of the same name back in 1985. Well, Aziz gives us his version of Sweetest Taboo as he exalts his lover, praising her qualities in the intro and the chorus.
Throughout the song, he flatters his lover with promises and sweet nothings. Lyrically he does not surprise a listener, something one expects from someone who wants to reclaim his spot in listener’s hearts. The instrumentals are a bit weak but for the fact that he loves doing live music he keeps it zouk.

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