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The track: Neera – Richy Kawesa featuring Charmant

When one reads the title of the song ‘Neera ‘anyone who follows Ugandan music will attach it to Moze Radio of the Goodlife crew. And yes if that is where your thoughts drifted to, you are on the right track because this is the remake.

The similarity between these songs is the chorus and some repeated phrases as one listens to the song. Richy also known as Uganda’s finest pianist stands out for his vocal prowess in the English version of this love song. He sings about memories he made with his lover and doesn’t want to reminisce but live them again.

In the second verse he catches up with his lover assuring her how she doesn’t want to let go of her. It’s basically a narration of love.

Charmant a Congolese guitarists teams up with Richy on this track on the third verse adorning this song with his artistry making it a classic that we should expect to stay for years.

When listening to both versions one shouldn’t compare them because one thing for sure is one will get spoilt of choice because they each represents a different form of art with the same message. The lyrics of the remake will credibly make this song worth being dedicated to the one you love.

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