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The music video : I Believe In You – Santana Karma ft Unique

Santana must be the definition of a guy who shows us the lighter side of life. He’s not just comical in his songs, he’s rib-tickling to watch in his videos. And he executes this task of making a viewer laugh in this music video. Shot by Point Blank in the suburbs of Kiwatule, the video starts off with Santana following a chubby girl on her morning jog. Pause a minute, you must notice how Santana runs towards this girl. It’s the epic moment as his legs make a special kind of stride that’s reserved for the best of clowns.

Having finished off with his tale of lies to this chubby girl, he soon gets on a boda boda and narrates the same lies to a different girl. Together, they end up at Kiwatule Recreation Centre by the poolside where the lies are driven to the maximum. Second epic moment; we are treated to Santana’s chopstick legs. Talk of the things men hide in trousers.

I only have a few bones to pick with this video. What’s the essence of shooting it by a poolside when the vixen is not adorning those swimsuits? Secondly, what’s the destination of this video? How does it all add up? The dots don’t seem to connect in the end. It’s another of those videos that’s enjoyable to watch in times of stress, only to be trashed forever.

Finally, Unique is so invisible in this music video. He’s hidden in the background and one may be excused for thinking that he’s another of those characters that hanging around during a video shoot. He plays no role. You could take him out of the video, and nothing would be changed about the storyline.


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