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The dvd : Love’s Long Journey

This movie is set in the olden days. It is about a couple; Willie (Logan Bartholomew) and Missie (Erin Cottrell) who leave their homeland to start up their own ranch far far away from home, in a land full of primitive people. Their homestead is nothing like Missie had pictured and soon she is missing home. Willie gets absorbed in trying to get them ready for winter so much that Missie gets afraid of telling him that she is pregnant because of the additional stress that may come with that.
An Indian native that befriends the family helps make their stay easier even though they are still tested in the worst way possible. Missie finds joy from teaching children and a few adults how to read and write but winter takes this away from her. This is a bitter sweet watch that might leave you teary. It is a Christian drama that teaches about faith.

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