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Ugandans in UK want their own piece of Salvado

“So might Patrick Idringi Salvado, son of Ombokolo, be the conqueror of the British empire?” That’s a question the comedian’s UK-based manager Johnson Mujungu posed on his Facebook wall. And you cannot say Mujungu’s question was out of excitement, as he went ahead to back it up with an explanation; “Well, we have started receiving serious inquiries and yes, more bookings!!”
During a chat we had with him, Salvado told us that he personally couldn’t believe the standing ovations he has received on every show in the UK, where he was opening for Nigerian comedian Basket Mouth. “From the first show, the applause has been growing from loud to deafening. God is good; who am I to have performed in the Apollo in London!” Salvado told us. He performed in Manchester, London, Birmingham and he still has other shows lined up on the tour.
Salvado’s outstanding performance on this tour won him several Nigerian fans based in London while it evoked envy from fellow Ugandans in the UK. Salvado confirmed to us that several Ugandans called his manager and have tasked him to organise a big show for him in London, just for the Ugandan community, sometime later this year.
Mujungu told us that he has already kick started preparations for the show that will happen mid this year. Salvado, on the other hand told us that he wants the show to feature other Ugandan comedy stars. “I’m good but I want these people to see the funniest guys from Uganda on one stage and that’s exactly what is happening in UK soon!”

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