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Sqoop – Get Uganda entertainment news, celebrity gossip, videos and photosSqoop – Get Uganda entertainment news, celebrity gossip, videos and photos

Four One One

On leaking sex tapes


Sqoop: With all the leaking nude photos and sex tapes … How can we put a stop to this???

Ntambi Jimsal: I think we should start imprisioning whoever put those things out.

Gidudu S Sanya: There will always be evil or immoral people around, as such only way such issues can be stopped is if everyone became a saint.

Owani Joram: Some Ugandans should stop being idiots.

Allen Derrick: Da best z 2 stop takin da nude pics.

Iamrealslimdusper Arts: C’est la vie.

Kalegga Sowed Kasagama II: 1. Stop cheating. 2. Dont date “bad guys”.

Kalungi Anthony: The major solution I think is to sell victims on OLX.

Amanya Seamus Nicky Kalifah: Dotcom era u cannot stop it just leka ababirina batulage ko.

Busiku Jonah: A law should be put in place.

Ahebwa Osbert: Anti money in control..

Isaac Misc Scieyvo: Social medias shd be banned frm Uganda.

Ahimbisibwe Doreen: Put on helmets!

Elly Kelly: Ugandans r over excited over stupid things.

Innocent Agaba: Let’s stop playing sex.

Princess Brendah Boss: Prayer.

Naava Julie Valellio: None of my business.

Stephen Nsubuga: If at all ur not sure of the safety of the stadium where ur playing the ‘match’ from, just wear a helmet! People will be just guessing, ‘’Oba who is that.’

Sandra Arach: E pple demselves wnt it. Its lyk e cow n well story.

Jose Kuty: Jst do it in darkness en married women mukomye obwenzi coz sikilungi.

Nanzira Helly Hellen: Turn down the lights while making love and don’t video record the act, period.

Akandwanaho G Empex: The only step 1st is for those people who take the nude photos to stop taking them.

Baluku Jesus Moresi: Having it in banana plantation.

Alshah Richards Odongka: But t will help reduce cheatin ladies lyk #Robinah.

Thelma Theresa: Lets pray alot 4 our country psalms 51,teri kirala…hweva I dn’t trust these stories.

Joszf JB: It’s the media to put it on stop by not publishing or posting it to social networks.

Nabalegwa Meddy: Guys stop sexual network ….its everyone’s responsibility.

Bukomba Ronald Dennis: We, as concerned citizens, must task the government to charge the victims accordingly inconsiderate of their capacity or looks as of the most recent cases. There should also be fair media coverage of the cases. In Most cases, news fades when the case is pushed to the courts of law.


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