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Khalifah Aganaga upgrades to a newer ride after accident

Last Saturday afternoon, news of singer Khalifa Aganaga being involved in a terrible car accident spread like a wild fire. With different media outlets reporting different extents of the accident, it was super relief when Aganaga’s manager Emma Carlos posted a photo of the singer’s damaged Toyota Ipsum on his Facebook wall.
The car had a smashed windscreen and no bonnet, but Emma went on to post that all the occupants of the car were safe and sound. Emma, Aganaga and a few other colleagues were on their way to Kumi in Eastern Uganda for a Valentine ’s Day performance when a truck rammed into their car in Mabira. “The bonnet flew off, it hit the windscreen and smashed it and the front of the car was damaged,” Emma told us shortly after the accident.
While the ugly accident was an unfortunate occurrence, it turned out the source of new beginnings for the Oyitangayo singer. Aganaga is said to have gotten a lift from a good Samaritan up to Jinja, where he checked into a car bond and went through cars as he contemplated on getting himself a new ride.
Khalifa and his crew hired a car from Jinja to their destination, but on their way back, the singer went back to the bond and drove out in a Toyota Spacio 2004 model. Congs Aganaga!

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