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Joanita Kawalya’s award brings Bebe Cool, Bobi Wine a metre close

So much has been said about the just concluded Hipipo Music Awards. Fans of different music camps have even gone as far as trading abuses on social media and they have also attached several descriptions to the Hipipo Awards.
We shall desist from joining the discussion, but we would like to point out one highlight of the awards ceremony held at the Wonder world Amusement auditorium in Kansanga last Saturday.
When she was announced as the winner of the Lifetime Achievement award, Afrigo band singer Joanita Kawalya walked to where Bobi Wine was seated and called him to join her, she then walked to Bebe Cool and called him up, she then also called out rapper Navio.
Many thought one of the two archrivals would decline Joanita’s invite, but the two artistes marched to the podium and stood just a metre from each other as they posed for a photo moment with the legendary singer.
It was the first time in years, for Bobi and Bebe, who are renowned rivals, to be just metres from each other since their musical battle about three years back.
The objective fans enjoyed the moment as they filled the auditorium with wild cheers, but for the radicals, it was time to throw tirades at the artiste they didn’t support. However, a statement had been made by Joanita Kawalya; she managed to get Bebe and Bobi in the same photo- and that’s what they call being a real legend.

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