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Bad Black wants to explore her music talent after jail term

Even before being convicted for embezzlement, Shanitah Namuyimba aka Bad Black had given a shot at singing. And although her song didn’t go past her friends’ phones and a few Youtube clicks, the prison experience seems to have re-awakened Bad Black’s music interest.
News from Luzira where Bad Black is still serving her jail term, is that she is busy composing songs and she hopes to hit studios upon her release later this year. The source told us that Black’s excitement was caused by a recent communication from her lawyers indicating that her sentence comes to an end later this year.
But the story is not over yet; the source told us that Black has already tabled a proposal to her sponsor, also the man who put her where she is- David Greenhalgh, for funding for her new project. We were a little baffled, but the source was equally shocked at our ignorance about Black’s reinstated relationship with her accuser. “Those two are very tight. The Mzungu (Greenhalgh) visits Black all the time,” the source told us. The source went on to tell us that when she tabled her proposal, all Greenhalgh did, was to ask how much she needed. “She asked for Shs300m, and she told me the Mzungu just nodded in agreement,” the source told us. Black said she is going to use the Shs300m to pay the best song writers, producers and video makers.

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