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Silver Springs’ Pebbles bar expanded


With Silver Springs on course to retain its glory, so many changes are going on at the hotel. As expansion of the entire hotel nears its final stages, the management took time off and concentrated on their new and most famous part of the facility-Pebbles Bar.

Early last year, the hangout’s management under the marketing boss Peter Kisakye, introduced several catchy theme nights which attracted several socialites. And a few months down the road, the sitting space at the hangout, which included one main lounge and two corridors that were well arranged with comfy sofas, was no longer big enough to contain even half of the usual clientele.
As such, the management embarked on an expansion drive. “We didn’t just want to expand and create more space, but we invested in the quality of the hangout at large,” Kisakye told us.
The hangout is now double its original sitting space and was also given a face lift with new décor, lighting and comfy seats.
Kisakye remained tightlipped about how much the expansion cost the hotel, claiming that his bosses didn’t want such revelations in the media.
We visited Pebbles Bar last Friday for the weekly acoustic night that features Dragu and we couldn’t stop admiring the mood lighting, the comfy seats and the giant screens at the watering hole. Kisakye told us that the new Pebbles Bar will be officially launched sometime next month.

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