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Hustler : Peter Bill Kisakye


Kisakye is employed at Silver Springs Hotel, but that didn’t stop him from opening his own boutique to make ends meet. He tells us about his side business.

What is the name of your boutique?
Its called Bill’s Collection and Boutique. It’s formulated from my middle name. We deal both in men’s and ladies’ wear.

When did you start this business and how much did you invest in it?
I started it at the beginning of last year and the initial investment was Shs10m.

Where did you get the Shs10m?
I work at Silver Springs Hotel, so those are my savings from the time I have been working.

Why a boutique yet you could have started another business for that much money?
I love designs and many of my friends are celebrities who don’t have time to go to the city for classy designs, so I decided to be their solution.

What are the price ranges for your items?
T-shirts cost between 35k and 80k, shirts 50k to 120k, shoes go for between 250k and 500k, trousers 60k to 120k, jeans 40k to 80k, shorts 50k, sweat pants 50k to 100k, flats 80k, jackets 80k to 100k, vests 35k to 60k and sandals cost 55k.

What brands do you sell?
Nike, Tommy Hilfiger, Polo, Adidas, Reebok, Guchi, Bar3, Clarks, Steven Maden, Kenneth Cole, Samba, Penguin, Guess and Timberland.

Where do you buy these brands from?
US, UK, Turkey and India.

Where is this boutique located and why that specific location?
Mutungo Road Kunya opposite Muggies Corporate Zone, next to Goodwill Clinic. I chose this location because its near town yet most of my celebrity friends hate going to town for shopping and also because my workplace is in the same proximity, it’s easy to monitor my business.


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