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Eligible bachelors and spinsters let us in on their love life or lack of it


CUPID’S ARROW :  Yet again, it’s that time when the world goes mushy in celebrating love. We looked around for public figures who have no significant other to celebrate in their lives with on this occasion and surprisingly, some of them are now hooked, writes Joseph Ssemutooke
I’m now very cautious – Desire Luzinda

I’m happily single. Those people who think I’m secretly going around with this person or the other are just speculating. I am single and very happy where I am. Of course I believe in love and marriage and having children and all that comes with a serious commitment, and I hope to get to those things when I find the right person. But it has to be someone right. I have tried to make it work with a few people in the past but it failed, so I’m even more cautious than ever that it has to be the right person.

I’m getting married this year – Roger Mugisha


There’s someone in my life, but I won’t publicise the person because I have previously seen both direct and indirect sabotage being raised to fail me. The person gets abused and haunted in so many ways, such that I no longer dare publicise her. But everyone interested in knowing her will soon know her, because this very year, I’m going to walk her down the aisle. She perfectly fits my ideal of a partner to marry, because I believe that one should marry a partner who’s compatible. You see, I believe in marriage, and now the conditions of my life are more favourable as I’m more mature and more sure of what I want in life.

I don’t prioritise relationships – Tshaka Mayanja

I’m okay the way I am. There’s no one, and I’m not searching, and I don’t even see myself getting someone. It’s not that important to me to be serious with a lady. My bucket list has many, many other things I find more important. Of course I have done most of the things that I have wanted to do, and that makes me largely contented even without someone on my side. If it happens and I find someone who moves me so much as to get me into a relationship, it’s okay, but generally I won’t be fretting if it doesn’t happen because I don’t really prioritise it.

I want someone who can mingle a sack of posho – Golola Moses


I have no one and I am currently studying all the women I lay my eyes on to see if I can find the right one. Every time I see a woman I study her walking style, her standing posture, her muscles, her legs … to see if she might be the one who can cook a huge saucepan of porridge every morning for my breakfast, as well as mingle a sack of posho for my every meal. The last woman I dated, a few years ago, turned out wrong; she disappointed me when she said she wanted my heart, yet I thought she would only be interested in love, which is what I was ready to give her from the anthers to the stigma. But I truly believe in love and family, and one day I hope to have children and grandchildren whom I’ll tell stories and who will carry on my champion genes.

I have my eyes wide open – Gerald Karuhanga

You are asking about something that is very, very private. But to let you in a bit, I believe in love and look forward to marriage, having children and raising a family. In fact I have my eyes wide open for the purpose of fulfilling that ambition, and I’m sure I will get there. I absolutely believe in love and its celebration, so much that this Valentine’s Day, I’m going to be with youths from several educational institutions sharing my love with them as we play games and sports.

Love will come naturally – Maurice Kirya


I currently have no one in my life. Music has taken most of my time lately, so I haven’t had much time to even think about a relationship. But I’m not worrying over it, because as you know there have been a few people –one, two, three – in my life. For me, the most important thing is that it comes naturally, without my going out on a mission to particularly hunt for and catch something. It should just happen naturally, like the previous ones did. Of course one day I hope to marry and have a family.

People want Biina Baby the celeb not Robinah the person


I’m single and still waiting for the right person to come along. My biggest problem is that I haven’t yet seen a person who wants the real me, the real Robinah outside the limelight. All I have seen are people who want Biina Baby the public figure, which means there has been no connection every time I have tried to connect with them as the real Robinah. But I’m still waiting on God, as I believe there’s a soulmate for everyone out there. It’s very important for me to have a soulmate and marry, have children and earn the community respect that comes with being married. You see, I once even lost out on a management position because they wanted a married person for it.

I can’t say anything – Flavia Tumusiime


I   don’t want to say anything about my love life, or my views about it, or about marriage, or sex, or anything related to that. (In truth, she leaves us wondering whether to think that she is still tasting out the different items on the menu before making an ultimate choice, or to imagine that she is so lonely she can’t master the courage to talk about it, or to conclude that she’s up to so much mischief that she can’t dare publicly comment on the subject!)

I got married long ago – Andrew Mwenda!!!


I’m not single. I have been married for 12 years, because I believe in and respect marriage as a great institution. Only that I have never publicised the marriage, because for me it is a commitment between two people and their two families and it doesn’t need the public to get involved. Whatever is beyond the two people and their families is baloney. People just like to meddle into others’ lives, but I have never asked anyone whether they are married or not – other people’s status on that front isn’t my business.

I want to join the seminary  – David Obua (big joke)

I’m not married at the moment, and in fact I don’t plan to get married or have children. My plan (here Obua is under tremulous bouts of laughter) is to join a seminary and study to become a priest, then ultimately become the first Black Pope (he is almost choking on his laughter). I no longer want anything to do with women and sexual immorality (the laughter is rendering him almost unable to speak) because I realised that people who engage in those things won’t go to heaven. I’m becoming not just a good boy, but one who wants others to also quit those things of sleeping around (still choking on laughter). It is rather clear that Obua might just not be ready yet to drop his bad boy ways and settle down with anyone.

And the list goes on
Pastor Wilson Bugembe
This celebrity preacherman-musician must be the dream husband for every unmarried church woman, and in fact he has many times confessed to being harassed by several women demanding his hand in marriage. He has always said that he believes in marriage and is about to walk someone down the aisle, but he has been saying that for donkey years!

Steve Jean
The one who has always had all sorts of beautiful showbiz women around him – apparently all praying that he says something to them. Yet till now we haven’t heard anyone linked to him.
Juliana Kanyomozi
Every Ugandan man’s fantasy partner of the last decade. Ever since her break-up with Amon Lukwago, she hasn’t officially been linked to anyone apart from Rich Gang’s King Lawrence and it turned out they were just “friends.”
Sheila Nvanungi
What shall we say about this one? A friend of hers we asked said (rather meanly) that she ought to remember time is running out for her!
Olara Otunnu
We have heard rumours of a certain musician having made inroads toward his heart, almost to the point of hooking him officially. But surely when it is this gentleman, anything has to first be seen before it is believed.
 Brandon Ssemanda
One of the most eligible corporate bachelors in the land. The corporate world still holds its breath to see if he can suddenly shock it.
James Onen aka Fatboy
He is as ever busy trying to philosophise about everything, and bravely stating to everyone that he doesn’t believe in marriage and children –maybe even romance since we’ve not heard even a cockroach linked to him. Fatboys (pictured)  is married to his video games.
Iryn Namubiru
Since she divorced her French husband, only rumours linking her to several people have made the rounds. But even those have died down lately!

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