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The track : Nzenna Nzenna – Irene Ntale

If she’s not on an all star track then she’s singing about love. I’m speaking about the songbird Irene Ntale. This is the problem with artistes that break through, but never soar to higher levels because they get into a comfort zone and fail to explore different approaches to music.
Again with the topic being love on her new single Nzenna Nzenna, Irene Ntale keeps the same tempo and zouk beat. Nzenna means ‘all of me’. She tells a love story of relief. She sings of how she had given up on relationships until she met her new lover. She surrenders her all to him and asks the same from him.
She gives the audience simple lyrics, something she has learnt over the years, which has worked to keep her music on the airwaves. However, on this new song, she repeats some words from her single Olindaba when she talks about making her lover tea. To her rescue, some argue that the lyrics act as a bridge for the songs on her upcoming album to show continuity.
If you are a diehard fan, this song should get on your playlist but if you are tired of the same love story music, don’t bother listening.

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